You may be annoyed by using WhatsApp. If So, then there is no need to worry. Because there is another alternative to WhatsApp (JTWhatsApp app). On the other hand, according to experts, it is the best alternative app for WhatsApp. Downloading JT WhatsApp is best done with a little deeper idea about it. Interestingly, I am describing in this post, what is JT WhatsApp app? Its main features are how to download and install JTWhatsApp v9.11 even on Android ?. Not only that, at the same time you will know how to update to the latest version of JTWhatsApp?

First of all, it’s worth noting that JTWhatsApp is full of great features that you wouldn’t find in a typical WhatsApp. Similarly JimTechs has updated its apk to the latest version 9.11. So if you really want to download it you can download apk file from online for free. Let’s not know what JTWhatsApp is before downloading?

What is JTWhatsApp APK (JiMODs)?

JTWhatsApp is another app like a normal WhatsApp mode app. Although some extra features have been added (which I have described below). You may be surprised to know that Jim El Rezzi (JimTechs) has created the JTWhatsApp apk from JiMods. JTWhatsApp’s specialty is its simple pink UI. Plus it has a lot more great themes in the theme store. However, you will notice that it is light in weight and has all the features of FM WhatsApp 2022.

The idea is that the app gets a new version 2-3 days after the Fouad Mods update. All in all, if you prefer a lightweight WhatsApp mode app with the best features and pink UI, JTWhatsApp apk is best for you.

The main feature of JT Whatsapp App

  • Built-in anti-ban.
  • Hide receipt status, read status, play status, typing, recording and much more.
  • The Anti-Revoke feature does not allow the sender to delete messages sent to you
  • There is an opportunity to share up to 90 photos at a time
  • Does not allow anyone to send any image that is damaged
  • Gives the opportunity to resize each single element like symbols, fonts, statuses, and much more
  • Color customization.
  • Lets see the “status” directly from the chat screen.
  • You won’t see when someone was last online when they still see you.
  • Your media upload limit is limited. In this case you will be able to send even more video files or any data up to 2 GB.
  • Lets access to themes, dual WhatsApp and much more

So long as you continue reading. So hopefully, you want to download JT Whatsapp App. In this case now the question may come to your mind how to download it? Well, no worries I’ll guide you down.

How to download and install JT Whatsapp App v9.11 on Android?

First of all it is good to say that JTWhatsApp apk com.jtwhatsapp package comes. So, you need to use JTWhatsApp as a secondary WhatsApp account.

On the other hand if you want to make it initial. Well, no need to worry. Because there are ways for you here too. All you have to do is take a backup from the original WhatsApp first. Then, it needs to be uninstalled.

First, download JTWhatsapp’s com.whatsapp package from any online download page.

Once you are able to download it then install JTWhatsApp. Once the installation is complete, log in and activate your mobile number, restore the backup and enjoy.

Let’s take a little deeper idea of ​​what to do with a secondary WhatsApp. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: First download JTWhatsapp’s com.whatsapp package from any online download page.

Step 2: Once you are able to download it then install JTWhatsApp. (If you are asked to enable unknown source installation, do so.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, then enter there and activate your mobile number

This is the end. You are getting ready to enjoy the exciting features of JTWhatsApp with JiMods on your mobile.

How to update JT Whatsapp App to latest version?

You already know that this is a modified version of WhatsApp, so it is not possible to get the latest updated version from the Google Play Store. But there is no need to worry.

Bookmark or save a specific page by searching online (which lets you update later). Then when you want to update see 7 The aspects you need to keep in mind for updates

Step 1: Download the latest JTWhatsapp v9.11 apk.

Step 2: Once the JTWhatsApp apk download is complete. Then open the apk from your file manager and install.

Step 3: When your phone will greet you. You will then be able to confirm that you have completed the installation. However, similarly your JTWA Mode app has now been updated to the latest version. Open up and enjoy!

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FAQ: JT Whatsapp App

What is WhatsApp + JiMods?

WhatsApp + Jimods (JT WhatsApp) is an app where an update (not updated) of the more popular WhatsApp Plus. This means that the settings and privacy features are included here. Moreover, it is relatively easy to use. So if a new user wants to run it very easily.

WhatsApp + Jimods (JT WhatsApp) Is it safe?

In many cases WhatsApp is familiar with current methods, but does not understand these methods. On the other hand, anyone using WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp + Jimods (JT WhatsApp), or any other mode, but his account can be locked. Interestingly, the only way out of this problem is to use this mode. Moreover, many experts recommend using it.

Here you need to use a different account. Another important aspect is that at the same time, your device will be safe from malware (is it interesting that).

Conclusion: JT Whatsapp App

We hope you’ll be able to use JT Whatsapp App (WhatsApp + JiMODs) to make your messaging experience exciting and useful. One more thing you should keep in mind is that this is one of the best and most beautiful versions of a JTWhatsApp app based on Fuad Mokdad’s Fuad WhatsApp. Not only that, there is also a lighter version of JTWhatsApp. Interestingly, it has the features of Fouad WhatsApp and it is very light.

All in all, I suggest you update it. I also recommend enjoying the extra WhatsApp customization and privacy features. Last but not least, download the apk from a reliable source like MemuDownload. Because there are lots of fake JTWA app spread.

I guess you liked this article. If not here’s a new product just for you! Because if you feel free to comment below, I promise to help you as soon as possible.

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