Virus Chest in Avast Antivirus – In this article, we have explained about Avast Virus Chest, and also explained how to use Avast Virus Chest. Avast Virus Chest is one of the safest places in Avast Antivirus that lets you store harmful threats, malware, and files. It also helps to isolate them completely from the rest of your computer’s operating system.

Files inside Virus Chest cannot be accessed or played by any external process, software application, or virus. You can also do some things with the virus chest file such that you can easily restore it to your computer which may be dangerous, but you can still do it.

It also allows you to manually transfer any harmful files to the virus chest. If you are really excited to know more related to the Avast Virus Chest, you can read this article till the end.

How do access the Avast Virus Chest

A key element in Avast Antivirus is the virus chest, which helps move files containing potentially harmful threats and malware detected by Avast Antivirus. It is also known as the area of ​​infected flies and the virus chest is an area that quarantines infected files. It also helps in removing harmful files from your operating system so that your system will not be damaged.

When files are in the virus chest, the files are not able to get out from it to software, application, or virus. You know that the files you store in a virus chest are like a dead file that cannot play inside the virus chest. Overall, you can store harmful files in the virus chest as there is no risk of storing them over here.

To set up a Virus Chest, you need to open Avast Virus Chest. Here we have explained how to open it. To open Virus Chest, you have to right-click on the Avast icon in the taskbar in the lower right corner of the window main screen. After that, you can see the menu on the vast screen just click on it and then choose the virus chest from it.

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This method might not work for all users, so we have listed another method that will work for you. In this method, you need to use a user interface. To do this you have to double click on the desktop icon and then open Avast. After this, you have to select Avast User Interface. Then click the menu on the left side of the screen and then select Security Options. Then you have to select Antivirus.

After that, you have to click on the virus chest button which is at the bottom of the screen. Avast Virus Chest helps to store harmful files. Avast will attempt to repair the harmful files, but sometimes some files cannot be repaired so it will transfer those files to the Avast virus chest. Some files are automatically deleted from your computer if they do not go into Avast Virus Chest.

Perform Numerous Functions while in the Virus Chest

If you want to perform any other action on the file inside Virus Chest, you can easily do that by right-clicking on that file. You can perform a lot of actions on the file inside Virus Chest like you can easily restore files from Virus Chest. It also lets you exclude the file from scanning. You can also report the bug to the virus lab.

You can also delete the file from it. Then you can perform these types of actions on the files inside the Avast Virus Chest. It will ask you to confirm that you actually want to perform the actions you want on the file.

If you’ve done what you want, exit the virus chest. Use extreme caution when restoring a file from a virus chest as it may still be infected. This is a high-security risk operation that requires advanced skills and experience in handling infected files to avoid possible infection of your computer.

How to manually transfer a file to a virus chest

You can move harmful files from your computer to the Avast virus chest manually. This is the way that you let you do this manually. You have to go anywhere in the table of contents on the virus chest and then you have to click on Add from the menu to add the new harmful file to your system.

After that you can see that a navigation dialog will appear on the screen, then you have to locate the file which you want to move to the virus chest. After selecting anyone, you have to click on the Open button. When you have done all this, you will see that the file you want to move to the virus chest will appear on the table of contents of the avast virus chest.

How to Restore Files from Avast Virus Chest

If you want to restore any file on your computer then you can easily do it in a few minutes. Whenever you open Avast Virus Chest you will see a list of files. So, to do this you have to right-click on the desired file which you want to restore. After clicking on it you can see that a drop-down menu will appear on your screen. Then you have to click on the Extract option.

After doing that it will ask you to choose a file location where you want to restore it. Finally, click on the OK button to restore the file from the virus chest. Remember that the file you want to restore may contain harmful malware and threats that can damage your system.


Finally, Avast Virus Chest can be beneficial for you if you want to separate harmful files on your computer. I hope you get ideas from this article.

We have explained almost all possible solutions related to Avast Virus Chest here. You can easily restore files from Avast Virus Chest. If Avast Antivirus finds a threat to the files, it lets you manually transfer files to the Avast virus chest. You can also do many things with a file that has gone into the Avast virus chest.

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