Ford Mustang Price in India – Ford Mustang is one of the most popular and strongest cars in the whole world. The Ford Mustang car is also known as a muscle car.

Ford Mustang’s company is one of the biggest companies in the automotive world.  If you want to know in-depth about Ford Mustang and its price in India. Then, reading this article would be the best decision.

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In this article, we have mentioned all the questions related to this car.

Overview of Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is one of the giants of the automotive world. Ford Mustang is one of the best and most popular cars all over the world. It has a legendary history and is populated by models with diverse personalities.

Ford Mustang with Light

Ford Mustang comes with a 5 liter GT version. It’s a muscle car. You know that the first Ford Mustang car was launched in 1960 in America.  It comes with a huge space and 2 doors. It is a very attractive car to look at. The yellow color of this car is very spacious and amazing.

The sixth-generation Mustang is the first to be manufactured in right-hand drive form and the first to be sold in India with full service and warranty support. The Ford has beautiful bodywork, huge personalization options, and practical interiors.

It is equipped with a strong aviation theme in the cabin and even has some retro touches. The rear seats are also only suitable for short periods. The Ford Mustang is built for big US highways and feels its best while covering great distances, with the big V8 tucked away in the background.

The 6-speed automatic gearbox is a bit slow. Overall the Ford Mustang is a very spacious and amazing car. Only 4 people can travel in this car at a time.

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What’s the Design and Build Quality of Ford Mustang?

It is one of the strongest cars when you talk about design and build quality. You know it is also known as a coveted muscle car or pony car. It is the sixth generation version of the Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang Price in India

The Ford Mustang is a very stylistic car.  At the front side of this car are pointed projector headlights, complete with LED DRLs (daytime running lights) and a trapezoidal grille coupled with a large central air-dam which leads to a hexagonal-shaped formation.

The Ford Mustang comes with other chunky design elements. It comes with a sloped coupe-Esque roofline along sloped windshield, rear glass, and 19-inch magnetic gloss painted and machined aluminum wheels. That gives this car a dangerous and attractive look.

Ford Mustang Exterior

When it comes to the exterior of this car, this car is very spacious and attractive. If you want to experience how the Ford Mustang exterior looks, you can get a 360° view of the exterior details of this car without visiting any showroom.

The body of this car is made with grille, bumpers, headlights, side-view mirrors, indicators, tail lamps, etc. You know it’s carved on the car body. This car is perfect for those who want to buy a muscle car. It is available in the Indian market in American style. There are a lot of features included in this car with maintaining safety and looking for comfort.

It has a sophisticated exterior design and a distinctive interior, although it is expensive. The wide and aggressive front grille, 19-inch wheels, and sleek HID headlights look very dangerous and modern. This car beats Audi TT, BMW X5, Jeep Wrangler, and Porsche Cayman.

Ford Mustang Interior

You feel very comfortable when you sit in this car. Its interior has a comfortable layout of accessories and switchgear.

It comes with an 8-inch screen with Sync3 LCD touchscreen infotainment system, power-folding mirrors, navigation, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), adaptive cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system, ABS, and EBD.

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Ford Mustang comes with power-folding mirrors, climate control seats, etc. Speaking of size, the Mustang is designed to accommodate people with larger frames. Mustang is a four-seater. However, the rear seat is best suited for small children.

The cabin sports a single-tone black color theme with leather accents and heated and cooled seating. Overall the interior of this car is very luxurious and spacious.

Ford Mustang Engine and Transmission

The Ford Mustang is equipped with a powerful, sweet, and responsive EcoBoost engine. That delivers a high-performance package.

The Ford Mustang comes with a compelling engine pairing with a standard six-speed manual transmission or a 10-speed automatic. That makes the Mustang faster than before. Even with the powerful engine, the Mustang’s modern chassis offers a comfortable and controlled driving experience.

Ford Mustang engine

The Mustang’s brake pedals have a firm feel that we feel to the touch in stop-and-go traffic but are easy to apply smoothly at high speeds. Overall the engine and transmission are good.

Specifications and Features of Ford Mustang

Engine CC 4951 cc
Max Power 401 bhp
Mileage 11.8 km/h
Kerb Weight 1770 Kg
Boot Space 383 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 61.0 Litre
Torque 515 Nm
DriveTrain RWD
BHP 395.0 Bhp
Transmission Automatic


Some Unique Features of Ford Mustang

  • It comes with a power steering
  • It is equipped with the anti-lock braking system
  • Includes air conditioner
  • It also comes with Power Windows Front
  • It is equipped with passenger airbags

Ford Mustang price in India

Ford Mustang’s price starts at Rs 74.61 Lakh. The petrol variant of Mustang is priced at ₹ 74.61 Lakh.

What’s are the pros and cons of the Ford Mustang?

[box title=”Pros” bg_color=”#6AC870″ icon=”thumbs-up” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle” align=”left” text_color=”#ffffff” height=”350″]

  • Iconic design, long hood, stretched passenger cabin, and a fastback roofline
    excellent driving experience
  • Both on-road and off-road driving modes are available
  • Comfortable ride quality by performance car standards
  • Large speed breakers and rough roads without breaking the underbelly


[box title=”Cons” bg_color=”#EF5350″ icon=”thumbs-down” icon_style=”border” icon_shape=”circle” align=”left” text_color=”#ffffff” height=”250″]

  • Interior quality is not as good as German luxury sedans.
  • While the six-speed automatic gearbox is good for cruising, it’s not responsive enough for sporty driving.
  • The rear seat is too small for an adult to crawl into



If we talk about its specifications, then we talked a lot in this article. If you see the front part of this car, it is shining and giving a lovely look.

It is a four-seater car with a powerful engine. It also gets a sleek interior with a sharp and classy exterior look.

I hope you liked this article. If you liked this, do let me know in the comment section below.

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