Gold Price in DelhiIf you also want to buy gold in Delhi and are looking for today’s price, then here you are at the right place.

Here I have mentioned all the things related to Today’s Price in Delhi. Generally, the price of gold fluctuates regularly according to the market and demand.

Sometimes its price goes to the high end, and sometimes its price comes to the low end.

There are two types of gold present in the Delhi market at different rates i.e. 22 carats hallmark gold today price in Delhi is ₹4,670 for 1 gram, and 24 carat hallmark gold price in Delhi is Rs. 5056.00 for 1 gram.

If you want to know more about Today’s Gold Price in Delhi, then read this article carefully till the end.

Today Gold Rate in Delhi 

India is the second-largest consumer of gold in the world, with the capital Delhi having the highest gold consumption.

And Delhi is the largest gold user state in India. Gold prices in Delhi keep rising and falling every second due to global trends and several factors.

Delhi has a huge market for gold and related products. And most people like to buy gold for many purposes like wearing jewelry and many more.

In addition, clients demonstrate a willingness to trade in gold as an objective and in gold-based derivatives through stock exchanges.

Today when we talk about the gold rate in Delhi, the gold price in Delhi is a bit high. Depending on the quality, you have to pay money to buy gold.

There are many ways to import gold of different qualities into Delhi. You can find two types of gold in Delhi which are the most popular at present.

There are currently two types of gold available in the Delhi market, 22-carat hallmark gold and 24-carat hallmark gold.

The price of gold in Delhi is determined by bullion associations, banks, and MCX futures prices.

Gold prices in Delhi are different from other parts of India due to state tax and transportation charges.

Price of 22 & 24 Carat Gold in Delhi for Last 12 Days

Date 22 Carat Gold Price

1 GRAM            10 GRAM

24 Carat Gold Price

1 GRAM            10 GRAM

28 August           ₹ 4635.00         ₹ 46350            ₹ 5056.00        ₹ 50560
27 August           ₹ 4655.00         ₹ 46550            ₹ 5078.00        ₹ 50780
26 August           ₹ 4635.00         ₹ 46350            ₹ 5056.00        ₹ 50560
25 August           ₹ 4650.00         ₹ 46500            ₹ 5070.00        ₹ 50700
24 August           ₹ 4660.00         ₹ 46600            ₹ 5083.00        ₹ 50830
23 August            ₹ 4640.00        ₹ 46400            ₹ 5062.00        ₹ 50620
22 August            ₹ 4629.00        ₹ 46290            ₹ 5049.00        ₹ 50490
21 August            ₹ 4630.00        ₹ 46300            ₹ 5050.00        ₹ 50500
20 August             ₹ 4640.00       ₹ 46400            ₹ 5062.00        ₹ 50620
19 August            ₹  4625.00       ₹ 46250            ₹ 5045.00        ₹ 50450
18 August            ₹ 4645.00        ₹ 46450            ₹ 5066.00        ₹ 50660
17 August            ₹ 4635.00        ₹ 46350            ₹ 5056.00        ₹  50560


How is the Purity of Gold Determined?

As we know about the Gold Rate in Delhi for the last 12 Days. Now let’s come to how to determine the quality of gold.

Because various cheaters are waiting to cheat you. So, you must be aware of these things and how to find out which gold is real and which is fake.

Let us tell you that you can easily determine pure gold, as the Indian Bullion Association and dealers incorporate the hallmark symbol of purity in their products so that you can easily identify the pure gold.

The price of 24-carat gold is slightly higher, as it is in high demand. The most important and best part is that India is also a producer of gold.

Purity Measure of Gold in Delhi 

Now, you are aware that the price of gold in Delhi and the purity of the gold are determined by the Indian Bullion Association.

And the seller is required to include the hallmark symbol of purity in its products.

Gold price in Delhi is influenced by international influence in the global stock market, and today’s 24-carat gold rate in Delhi is higher due to rising demand for this month.

Different Types of Measurement of Purity of Gold in Delhi

There are four components of BIS marking that ensure the purity of gold.

  • bismark
  • jeweler’s identification mark
  • purity in karate
  • Hallmarking center’s identification mark and number

You know that 24 karat gold is the best and purest gold, but it is difficult to design jewelry from it. 22-carat gold (92 percent pure) is used in making jewelry. 14-carat gold (58.33% pure) and 18-carat gold (75% pure) are used for designing.




What is the price of 22-carat gold?

Gram 22 Carat Gold Price
1 Gram ₹ 4,335
8 Gram ₹ 34,680
10 Gram ₹ 43,350
100 Gram ₹ 4,33,500


What is the price of gold today in Delhi?

When we talk about gold prices in Delhi today, today 24 carat gold price in Delhi is close to Rs 5056.00 for 1 gram.

If you get 8 grams of 24-carat gold, then its price is Rs 40448. The price of 10 grams of gold in Delhi is Rs 50560.

If you get 100 grams of 24-carat gold, then its price is Rs 505600.

What is the current price of 24-carat gold?

Today the price of 24 carat gold in Delhi is Rs 49,160.00.


Lastly, I hope you liked this article, which is completely based on today’s gold price in Delhi.

The price of gold in Delhi keeps rising and falling, today 22 carat 10-gram gold price in Delhi is ₹ 46,700, and 24 carat gold in Delhi is ₹ 50,930.

Different types of gold have different prices. If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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