Don’t listen to anyone who says running a successful website is possible without incorporating SEO into your strategy. There’s no denying that SEO is a crucial aspect of a successful website. But with a plethora of SEO techniques and tools available, how do you choose the best ones?

We are here to help you focus on the fundamental principles of SEO to ensure that your business website is up and running. Enjoy more traffic, more visitors, and better rankings; all thanks to SEO.

Here is a brief overview of some of the best and most popular free Free SEO Blogs & Websites to follow for improving your ranking on the SERPs.

Top Free SEO Blogs & Websites for Better Rankings

  • For Monitoring and Ranking

SEMrush is one of the most powerful tools in any marketing arsenal. What once originated as an in-house marketing tool, SEMrush is made by marketers, for marketers. Today, this fantastic tool ranks among the top tools for on-page SEO and technical SEO. Not only the website has a blog section but visitors can benefit from plenty of resources such as webinars for growing their SEO knowledge and improving the ranking of their official website.

The platform offers incredible insights and features an intuitive dashboard for organizing all your websites under a single tab. SEMrush offers a wide range of points for every individual website to improve its performance in search engines. Users can monitor progress and compare crawls for helping their websites rank higher.

  • For Monitoring and Ranking

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools allow users to run a technical audit of their website. Companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses can audit their websites and check for 100+ technical SEO issues. Not only that, you also get valuable suggestions to fix these problems. Once you run an audit, the platform also recommends users to improve internal linking for boosting rankings in search engines. Check your website’s organic keyword rankings and see who is linking to you, all through Ahrefs.

Cadslist allows users to work on the ranking and promotion of their business online. With tons of tools and methodologies, this best SEO website gives an extensive variety of backlink-building sites. If you don’t know what Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 link-building mean, here is a brief explanation.

  • Tier 1: Refers to all the links to your website
  • Tier 2: Refers to all the links to the pages that contain tier 1 links
  • Tier 3: Refers to the links to the pages that contain tier 2 links

Google utilizes the concept of Domain Authority (DA) or Page Authority (PA) for ranking a website on SERPs. If you want to improve both the PA and DA of your website, Cadslist will help you improve your Tier 1 and Tier 2 link-building efforts. Here is how.

Tier 1: Create a repository of spun articles, published on web 2.0 sites like WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger.

Tier 2: Employ automated link-building programs for creating links to Tier 1 properties. Such links will feature forum posts, web 2.0, bookmarks, etc.

The SEO information website helps businesses, all around the globe, to improve their ranking and position on SERPs.

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  • For Keywords Ideas

SpyFu is a popular keyword research tool on the market with incredible features like in-depth SEO reports, rank tracking, and competitive insights. The platform offers wonderful features such as the Competitor Insight tool for finding quick-win opportunities to scope out where your rivals fall behind in their keyword rankings.

SpyFu offers clear insights into the keywords that your website currently ranks for, which is imperative for laying the foundations for a solid SEO strategy. Many times, you discover that your website is coming up with terms that are completely irrelevant to your main keywords. SpyFu allows you to focus on the right keywords so your website can rank higher on SERPs.

Bottom Line

Now you know about the best websites to turn to whenever you need to monitor progress and check the ranking of your website. From running an audit to offering suggestions, these websites do everything for making your website successful. Don’t forget to choose from these free SEO websites above to give a boost to your website’s ranking.

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