Almost every human to exist in this modern age has created an online avatar. We have popular online media users worldwide. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp have become some of the most popular ones. We also have YouTube, WeChat, and TikTok that are popular. Some counties even provide social media that is specifically made for them. Younger generation to older, they have all found a common ground in creating a space. We can agree that the usage and popularity cannot be targeted to only one demographic. If you won’t see your old previous Social Profile View Notification, these apps will provide you to visit your social media profile.

Few features of online community

Every online community serves a slightly different purpose. For example, YouTube is a platform used for videos, so is Twitter for tweeting. When you agree to sign up and create an account in the online community, you create a domain. You can add other online friends. You can also add people who are not from your circle and extend the online community. You can enjoy posting pictures, photos, and videos. Your friends, as well as other users, can comment and click like on the post. It entirely depends on your privacy settings. If you allow other users who are not your friend to comment, you can do so. However, few features cannot be controlled. The profile view is one of the examples. There is no in-built viewing option that tells you who has visited your account. This is where the solution comes into play. We have collected few apps that will help you know who visited. However, all these apps are not affiliated with the social media app. Each app has requirements and a specific way of working to help you know the visitor.

These apps will provide you with information about views and visits to your social media account.


In this app, you can know who checked your Instagram account. You can find out who unfollowed you and who blocked you. With the algorithms they provide, you can stay updated and check the views.

Here are a few simplifications of the features that the app gives.

  1. Firstly, you can see who checked your account
  2. You can also find out who blocked your account.
  3. A feature enables you to discover people from your list with the location tracker.
  4. You can check how the post is doing, by getting analysis and also evaluation details.
  5. You can also browse and sort your posts depending on their popularity.
  6. You can also watch stories privately, of your fellow connections.
  7. You can update your posts.
  8. You can remove the users that unfollowed you, from the list.
  9. There are also more updates available for you to check.

Followerz – Story Saver & Unfollower Tracker

The app allows you to anonymously view who unfollowed you and also track the followers.

This app helps you know all the boiling questions. Let us see what you can do here.

  1. This app is an analytics tool. It promises you more features compared to other apps.
  2. You can find out the visitors who come to your account often. You can also find out the recent one.
  3. You can find out the follower who checks your story the least amount. And the one who views it the most.
  4. You can find out the user who has blocked your account.
  5. The follower who gives the most likes can also be identified.
  6. You can find out which of your posts has the greatest number of likes and comments.
  7. Some users do not follow us back. You can easily find them out here.
  8. You can find mutual followers here.
  9. You can find out when the other users who commented on your posts deleted them.
  10. If the users unliked the posts, you can find them out as well.

Besides these features, you can also find more things to do in the app. You can easily unfollow more than one number of users at one go. There are analyzing features such as, knowing the follower quantity on weekly basis, or monthly. Some more abilities allow you to save and see the stories anonymously. You can save profile images. You can also track the stalkers from your account.

Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram, Watch Story

The anonymous story viewer app helps you see other user’s stories anonymously. This app is specifically made for Instagram.

  1. You can download the stories that you want anonymously.
  2. You can also save the posts and see them whenever you desire.
  3. You do not require logging into your account. Therefore, it is safe and only optional to login.
  4. You can download the stories and also repost them.
  5. The app does not store your data. It is user-friendly.
  6. The app is also clean and possesses a swift interface.
  7. Without the requirement of login, you can just add the following list.
  8. You can make a follow list and see the user posts and stories quite easily.
  9. You can also log in on Instagram and start viewing anonymously.
  10. There is a download button, where you can check and save the stories.
  11. There is a Downloads tab present where you can later access and watch.

Who Stalker – Follower Analytics for Instagram

As the name suggests, you can find out who the stalker is. You can know the stalker who visits your account, the unfollower, and the user who blocked you. You will get a notification if a user from Instagram blocks you. The app also has more.

  1. It has an analysis for followers.
  2. You can track if the followers are increasing or decreasing.
  3. You can find out if a user stops following your profile.
  4. You can also track the performance.
  5. You can connect on the app with fans.
  6. You can also find out who your secret fans are.

There is a subscription for the app. You can choose from a 1-week subscription, a month, or a year. You can purchase the premium or use it for free. Now, you can easily get notifications of the view.

A social media will always give you, posts, stories, and statuses, etc. This is where you get to interact with other users and let others interact with you as well. Therefore, elements such as posts are important to find out more about other users. Each social media will have a different approach with the way they allow posts. So, it is quite important to know the particular platform and the users there. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier for you. You can use apps that help you track and see the profile visits smoothly.

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