Apple has launched the new iPad 14.4 & iOs 14.4 this January 27. They brought some new changes in this new version like some new features & bug fixes. You will find almost everything new in iOS 14.4. Here we are highlighting the things that came with a significant change & totally new, so that you can get all the information at a glance & decide whether having it is worthy or not. So let’s not waste time & check out this updated version.

How Is Everything New In iOS 14.4?

iOS has got some new features for your iPhone, which will help the users in many ways. Let’s have a look at those:

1.   Security Vulnerability Fixes:

According to Apple, this is really important to update all your devices to iOS 14.4 & iPod 14.4 as quickly as possible. The software includes three major security vulnerability fixes that have already been used for attacks by hackers.

It has been known from the security support document shared by Apple that three bugs were affecting all the iPhones & iPads users who have been running the iPad’s 14 or iOS, which may have been exploited. Apple didn’t say anything more, but it has been known that two bugs got found in the Webkit, which is a browser engine powered by safari browser & kernel, which is the core of the operating system.

A Webkit issue may cause arbitrary code execution that is allowed for a remote attacker. This issue may have been actively exploited, which Apple is aware of. The kernel issue can allow a malicious application that may be able to elevate privilege. This issue may have been actively exploited, which Apple is aware of.

No more information is available for now, but still, it’s better if you Update your phone right now, not to get affected by the issues.

2.   Bluetooth Setting Changes:

The new update iOS 14.4 included a new setting to classify Bluetooth device type for getting correct Identification of headphones to get audio notifications. Apple tracks the audio levels of headphones to alert you while music is playing at a higher level that can damage your hearing.

3.   Improvement In Smaller QR Codes:

Because of this update version, the iPhone camera can now recognize even smaller QR codes while scanning a QR code. So finally, the QR code recognition functionality of the camera has been improved.

4.   Authenticity Warning for Camera:

In case you have an iPhone 12, 12 pros, 12 pro max, 12 mini & you get your phone repaired. Suppose somehow the repaid person changes a genuine Apple camera & replaces a non-genuine Apple camera or a recycled camera from another iPhone 12. In that case, this updated version will help Apple to send you a notification like “unable to detect as new, genuine Apple camera” to inform you about the error.

5.   Several Bug Fixes:

Some bugs were irritating iPhone users for almost months now; they all got fixed in this iOS 14.4 version.

 a) Fitness Widget:

A bug was causing the fitness widget not to show its updated activity data for some users, which has been adjusted.

b) Typing Delay:

 For a bug, many users had to face typing delay & also, there were no word suggestions while typing, which has been addressed. This must be good news for the users who have been facing this problem for many days.

c) Keyboard Fix:

A bug was causing the incorrect language keyboard to appear very often while messaging is now fixed.

d) CarPlay News App:

A bug was troubling audio stories from the CarPlay news app to start after being paused for Siri or spoken direction, which has been corrected.

e)Switch Control Feature:

Some iPhone users were facing a bug while turning on the switch control feature in Accessibility which was stopping phone calls from being attended from the lock screen. This also has been fixed.

f) Image Artifacts In iPhone 12 Pro:

Some iPhone 12 pro model users were having an image artifact issue while taking HDR photos, which has been detected & solved.

6.   Homepod Mini:

Officially, Apple has released a new matching updated version of Homepod mini 14.4 along with iOS 14.4, which is its very own Homepod mini speaker with the long-awaited Ultra-Wideband Handoff feature. This helps new iPhones to transfer calls, music & podcasts to the other device very quickly.

Though the real Homepod & Homepod Mini supports handoff music often, the little device features a U1 Ultra-Wideband Chip that makes transferring contents easier & more smooth from iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 to the device. This new U1 Increases functionality & adds some extra features along with new haptic & visual feedback. Without unlocking your iPhone, thanks to the U1 based system, you can now easily see media controls on your phone & can have the option of hearing suggestions while coming close to the device.

Though this Ultra-Wideband handoff feature was introduced while HomePod Mini was first announced, but it was not there while the original was released. Apple then promised to include it later in 2020 though the company has slightly missed the deadline.

The original HomePod is not compatible enough to get the new update facility just because of the lack of a U1 chip. So you can get the facility of the new update only when you have the new version of HomePod Mini, which has been updated with the latest software & an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 equipped with a U1 chip which is at the same time running the latest iOS 14.4.

How To Get iOS 14.4?

Open the setting option, then tap to General, then click the software update. If the update is available, then a link will be shown to install. This way, you can quickly get the new iOS 14.4 update.

Final Touch:

If you notice the new features closely, you will find everything new in iOS 14.4. This updated version has improved all the lacking it was facing previously. So try it now & enjoy the new iOS 14.4.

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