Playing with your mobile device and filling it with ridiculously fun apps has become a norm. There is no age limit for enjoying apps. I am sure that all of us have downloaded one or two apps that had fun filters. Your nephew and niece might have persuaded you into downloading it. Perhaps, your colleagues have reminded you what it was like to fool around with the camera. Or, maybe you just enjoy and appreciate the funny faces in the filter. After all, what’s not to like. Here, let us take the time to focus on filters and stickers that give you a fun animal face. Animals are cute and funny when cartoonish, and using it on us as a filter makes it appealing.

Let me list 10 amazingly fun animal faces apps that you can enjoy.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular filter apps you can find. It is a social media platform as well. You can share pictures with fellow Snapchat users. The snaps or pictures you send will disappear after a certain amount of time. You can also share a story that will also disappear. You can download and save your images. One of the famous filters that started the era of animal faces is the dog filter. It brought about a change in demand for animal filters and the rest followed suit. In Snapchat, you get multiple options to choose from. There are cute dog filters, bunny filters, and emojis as well. Bitmoji gives you a tiny little animated figure that you can customize. It is an animated version of your avatar. The face swap effect took the netizens by storm as well. So, now you can start snapping a picture of yourself with all those different effects.

2. B612 – Free Selfie Camera, Photo Editor & Video Editor App 

This is an app with an abundance of filters at your disposal. You can open the B612 camera and start clicking. There are beauty filters, popular stickers, different kinds of layout, and more effects. You can edit your downloaded images and add filters and stickers. Stickers like cat whiskers, nose, eyes, and other cute animals. You can also use the live filter effect while trying to click a picture. You can record yourself with the animal’s ears and nose and make it into a video. You can also choose to draw on yourself while clicking a picture. The effects will also morph your face into animals. This gives you the freedom to draw more whiskers, and dog noses, etc.

3. FaceArt Selfie Camera: Photo Filters and Effects

The app FaceArt is art put on your face digitally. It is because you can play around with so many options. The art includes your make-up filter, dog and cat filter, art sticker, animal sticker, and live animal effects. A selfie with live effects is an appealing feature to all demographics. FaceArt app promises you,

a) Funny camera effects

Fun animal faces are available here. You can find unicorn filters, regular brown dog and Dalmatian filters, deer, rabbit, and cat filters, etc. You can open your mouth while using the filter on the live camera effect. This will show you the dog tongue effect. There are also sunglasses filters, freckles, flower crowns, and angels.

b) Collage Feature

Collaging an image gives so much more story to it. The feature here gives you pictures to collage to a maximum number of 15. There are templates available as well.

c) Photo Editor

You can edit the pictures you clicked using the animal face and other filters in the editor. Another cool editing effect allows you to change the colour of a desired area in the picture.

d) PIP Effect

You can avail yourself of templates here that are for free. You can put your images into these templates. You can also change the background and foreground of your picture. There are templates like a raindrop, where you can insert your photo to give a surreal feel.

e) Cute Stickers    

You can avail yourself of these cute stickers when you edit your photo.

4. Face Changer Camera

You can understand from the app name that it will have a playful quality. Let us see what the app offers.

a) Face mask

There are many animals faces here to choose from. You can do a live filter and use the animal effect. You can also find the skeleton face effect available for video.

b) Face sticker

You can add stickers on live cam and try it out before you click the picture. You can use the stickers while recording a video as well. You can add glasses, mustaches, and hats, etc.

c) Face puppet

This is similar to our understanding of a puppet. You can have fun by moving your mouth, which animates the face.

d) Chin Face

This is a funny feature, where you can find your eyes on the chin area. You need to turn the face in an upside-down manner to make it happen.

e) Face Blend

This will enable you to converge two faces. This blending will result in one face.

f) Face warp 

There is a fun ugly-camera effect that you can explore. There are warp effects to use on your face too.

g) Face swap

This is a common feature that became popular for all. Users love it because of the unexpected outcome. You get to swap faces with somebody else. This always results in hilarious photos.

5. Animal face maker app

This app allows you to edit your pictures and add animal effects. It has fun and cool filters. There are animal stickers to use in your photo. You can also do a face swap. Fun bird faces are available in the app. There are also adorable cat face, a cute dog face, a ferocious lion face, and more to choose from.

Some other effects that you can play in the Animal face maker app are.

  1. You can edit and morph the pictures you have clicked.
  2. You can use editing tools like adjustment, rotation, and zooming options, etc.
  3. You can use text when editing a photo. You can choose a preferred font, colour, and sizes.
  4. It is easy to save your edited product. And also, much easier to share them with your peers on social media. This app is free and simply put, fun-filled content waiting for you to use.

Knowledge gained

We like animals, we like filters and we like apps. Hence, we are all here trying to pick our favorites. There is always room for exploration and having fun. With all the customization, ready-made, and fixable stickers you can amuse yourself and your friends. This list of animal faces apps will now shed some light on your search. I hope that you are ready to try it now and have fun with it. After all, we cannot have an endless collection of similar and mundane pictures everywhere we go. Spicing it up with these characteristics provides you better memories of the moment clicked. The market is full of such categories of an app. You get to play, edit and enjoy. Therefore, it is never-ending and will continue to remain so. As long as the demand lasts so will the supply.

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