Which is better for dropshipping Shopify or WordPress? Well, this is the question asked on the internet by most novice e-commerce entrepreneurs, and in this article, we are going to dive in-depth and show you the exact difference between them.

Detailed answers to these questions you’ll find below, such as which types of hostings are used in both platforms, and which are the perfect fit and highly recommended for dropshipping business? This single post has covered all the required answers in one place.

Questions such as are WordPress good for e-commerce or Shopify? And to the right below, you can read the detailed explanation.

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Dropshipping Shopify or WordPress

WordPress or Shopify for dropshipping, which is best? Most beginner people ask this question to themselves. Therefore, I’m going to tell you about Shopify vs. WordPress in-depth. And if you want to know the special features of both WordPress and Shopify, then read this article to the last.


Shopify is a web application created specifically for merchants who want to build their online store and turn the online store into a successful business.

It contributes a lot of templates that can be customized as requirements to achieve individual businesses. The most important thing in Shopify is that it allows merchants to sell both environmental and digital products.

Now, you can create and design your own online store without any technical and design skills and no need any support for any coding due to an important idea behind Shopify.

However, if you know about programs like HTML and CSS, then you can make your store on a much larger scale because Shopify allows its users to edit the HTML and CSS of your website.


WordPress is a blogging platform that also acts like a website builder which allows you to design your own website without resorting to coding.

It is also self-hosted software and is technically well ahead. You can make every type of website, including your online dropshipping store with the help of WordPress Software.

WordPress is the power behind around a third of each website on the Internet. At the same time, Shopify is a world-famous eCommerce platform that can handle above 600,000 online stores, which are commonly used by major businesses.

WordPress is not created to set up eCommerce, but you can make your online store with the help of some of its great plugins. And you will have to use the WooCommerce plugin to make your online store. That provides you with some great templates for your online store.

Is Shopify the best for dropshipping

Shopify is the most popular software that helps add inventory to your online store. Moreover, it is easy to use in making a perfect online dropshipping store.

However, if you want to know about “Is Shopify the best for dropshipping,” then you must first start a dropshipping business on a small scale and begin working with just a few suppliers and small product collections.

You will learn all the suspicious questions related to Shopify after that. But we will make sure to resolve your maximum questions here in this article.

When you would know perfectly about Shopify, then you can expand your business by selling a variety of most trending products and also be able to work with more suppliers and sell all the types of products in your online shop.

After gaining experience with Shopify for Dropshipping business, you can create your own eCommerce website and easily turn it into a successful business with the help of various Shopify tools. It is also an innovative way to utilize its social commerce with your marketing strategy.

So, now you are friendly with Shopify and have a dropshipping idea.
You can set up a great Shopify store with just a little bother or not because it combines so smoothly with the dropshipping model and is designed especially for creating a dropshipping online store.

Can you Use Shopify with WordPress

Now you might be wondering, is it okay to use both Shopify and WordPress at the same time to build an online store?

Because this usually means that you will not only have to maintain your website through both platforms but also get a monthly subscription at the same time to show and cost the cost of WordPress hosting.

By the way, when you analyze alternatives, you will find several reasons. And one of the major reasons is it’s easy to use. Shopify provides a very beginner-friendly user interface for maintaining your payment processor, products, taxes, and processing orders at a personal location. Besides, it is much easier than WordPress eCommerce plugins such as Vucomom and Easy Digital Downloads.

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Can I use WordPress for dropshipping

Dropshipping is in trend, and it is a kind of online retail business that helps in selling your products without storing product inventory. It is easy to use, and you can easily create your own website without resorting to coding, no matter what is a field in your e-commerce.

You can create your website at a low price which is less hazardous than the traditional types of eCommerce business.

With dropshipping, you buy the product in bulk from a manufacturer or supplier and list those products for sale on your website, and send the order details to the supplier. Now the supplier takes care of the rest of the work and they ship the product directly to your customers.

You can start your dropshipping business using WordPress when you want a low-profit margin if it is the best way for your business because it has low inventory hazards and a simple setup process that makes dropshipping attractive.

WordPress runs 26% of the web. Considering it one of the most traditional systems of manufacturers for materials administration.


Now, there is a higher chance you may not have any concern about which is better for dropshipping Shopify or WordPress. Or, if you have, please read this article once again carefully and you’ll get all your questions resolved.

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