If you are new to dropshipping, there is a high chance that dropshipping product research tools may look like a difficult process for you, but it is not what you think. All you need to know is the right tools and proven solid strategy.

In this blog post, we have made this process easy for you than before so that you can easily find the winning products and sell them in your online store.

After all, it is important to invent high-quality products that people love to buy and are trending among your target consumers. By doing this, you can increase sales quickly. Consequently, your dropshipping business will grow like crazy.

So, let’s dive into how can you research dropshipping products.

How do I find a winning product for dropshipping?

A dropshipping entrepreneur gets a lot of freedom from offering a dropshipping business and doing business from anywhere in the world.

But there are some major points that you should always keep in mind before considering all of these, you will need to make a list of demand and high-quality products. Once you understand the gap in the market, you will be ahead of the competition in the dropshipping business.

To do this, you need to follow some procedures to find the winning products for dropshipping.

1. Find Perfect Trending Dropshipping Products

Products that are currently trending in the market are a great option to add to your inventory, but there is one thing to consider before choosing trending products, which is ensuring that the products are not saturated.

As an example, if a product that is trending, but a lot of people are promoting on a large scale, you will not get the expected benefit in this regard.

If you are interested in finding trending products as well as products that will be popular in the future, you can check the following resources:

  • Google trends
  • Kickstarter.com
  • Wish.com

2. Online Community

There are tons of online communities and forums on the web like Facebook, Dedicated Websites, Instagram, Pinterest, and a lot more.

You can join communities that primarily focus on dropshipping businesses. You can also connect with potential customers as well as vendors around the world, and get ideas for your next quality products.

Go to Facebook and type “dropshipping” in the search box, and then choose “Group” in the left sidebar. You’ll find tons of suggested dropshipping groups such as:

  • eCom Dropshipping For Entrepreneurs
  • Shopify Dropshipping eCommerce Community
  • E-commerce Philippines Forum
  • Dropshipping is Evolving Shopify & eCommerce Community
  • eCommerce Dropshipping for Beginners
  • eCommerce Sellers Association

3. Analyze Facebook Ads

Analyzing other’s Facebook ads is more effective when it comes to dropshipping product research. You can do it manually and using tools as well. But, in this case, tools will be perfect as it provides you almost all possible ads and accurate information related to your keywords.

You can use the Ahrefs tool to analyze Facebook ads run by other dropshipping owners and get the best product ideas from there.

4. Dropshipping Product Research Using Passion and Problem

There is nothing better than solving your own problem. If you are facing or have faced any problem and you know the solution to this particular problem, then you can turn it into a successful business.

People will be willing to pay to solve their problems, so you have good ideas to start with this solution.

Let me tell you what it is. Suppose you design candles to improve your home. Your neighbor comes to your home and encourages your work, and they are not only encouraging you if you want to offer them these beautifully crafted candles they would also like to buy from you.

It can be anything, now you can find venders who can make candles according to your design, and you can sell it.

​How To Choose A Profitable Niche For Dropshipping?

The information we include, which is about choosing a profitable niche, is in demand. Furthermore, people don’t get surpassing ways to find profitable micro-niche.

This information is particularly for the dropshipping business or for the person who wants to start a dropshipping business. Overall, here are two ways to find a profitable niche.

  • In the beginning, you have to identify in real what you want to do. So to do that, you can list your interesting hobbies, and this activity will help you to choose a profitable niche for your business. Cross-check the list and eliminate those points which are not in your upper priority.
  • After that, Select the remaining hobby and turn it into a business and find niche products related to that. Additionally, think of your favourite thing that you are interested in buying. Also, you should know about the products. Overall, it will also help you find the best and profitable products for your dropshipping business.

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools

You want to find your next leading products for your business, right. Although you are confused about which one is the best? Hence, we have listed the best and right dropshipping product research tools for you, so with the help of tools, you can find your next trending dropshipping products easily.


Ecomhunt is one of the great and one of the famous tools, which is quite like the Dropship Spy, and it introduces some new winning products every day.

  • Manifesting Facebook Advertisements for a particular product.
  • It helps your store by providing some of the best options for products in both free and pro versions.
  • Also, it offers you the most desirable option of products for your store in both versions.
  • This tool provides knowledge of the ads and related products.
  • You can use the free version without either pay.

Dropship Spy:

Dropship Spy is another great tool for your dropshipping business because they add 5 new winning products and new influencers every day.

  • It adds five new products to your inventory every day.
  • Concentrate on accompanying users.
  • It helps in enhancing your ventures.
  • Also, it provides good motivation for the members to start in the first place.


Now, you know how to do dropshipping product research. In addition, you have learned all the necessary steps, such as the best dropshipping product research tools, as well as some trending product niche finding ideas that you can sell like crazy.

If you have any questions in your mind related dropshipping product research, then you can comment right below on this post.

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