Why one product dropshipping store? Well, internet shopping is taking place on another level day by day. More people are consistently shopping “products from one product store” in the world.

If you see the data in Google Trends, the search graph of the keyword “One Product Store” is growing like crazy. So, what are the reasons and why people prefer to buy from one product dropshipping stores, and how can you create one?

There are several reasons, as a store dealing with one type of product, they are 100% focused on the quality products. They get feedback fast from the customers and make improvements fast, and at the same time, buyers get a shopping experience up to the mark.

What is a one-product store?

The best and most successful e-commerce websites recommend all buyers to buy hundreds or thousands of products. However, you do not demand that different products succeed on the web because only one product may be enough for you to succeed in your online business. Today, I will tell you how to create a one-product dropshipping store.

The Singel Products Store means a store that is only dedicated to a single product, and you can also call it a micro-niche online store. Because if you commit to any single product, then you can grow faster than others. Even you can make your eCommerce business more popular than you expect. You can manage it very simply and with less effort. One product store may be more profitable than the large product catalog.

If you want to make a successful and single-product online store, then you have to first sell out the most reliable and best products to the customers. The single product that you sell is also called your flagship.

If you want to make your flagship, you have to sell a lot in that product, and then you may achieve your flagship. If you cannot sell that product in a mass, then a meager possibility, your store will be closed at any time.

You can handle your single-product store in only these situations, which are below:

  • Sell ​​digital products that do not require any manufacturing or distribution expenses.
    Only have to offer products with high-quality brands.
  • You have to sell micro-niche products that are extremely demanded by a specific type of consumer.

How do build a one-product dropshipping store?

Well, you know the reason for the success of these websites. They are all websites, which started their online stores with a single-product for successful eCommerce businesses, and now, they are earning millions of dollars of revenue every month.

Most eCommerce organizers try to sell a wider variety of products at a time. But, you should offer more options for consumers who always do the right thing and who help to expand your business to the next level.

When you are dedicated to selling only one product successfully, then after that, you can spread your business across multiple products, and you can sell many products. Before that, you have to pay good attention to only one product because that way is to achieve its goal for a large eCommerce website or online store.

Besides, you can easily build a brand, identify your ideal customer, build meaningful trust, and ultimately drive more sales.

One product dropshipping store examples

Mooshe Socks

Mooshe Socks is a great example of micro-niche dropshipping because this website is dedicated to selling socks. It is also known as the single product dropshipping website. All types and varieties of socks are drop-shipped from here. Mooshe provides you the best branded and most comfortable socks even at an affordable price.

Club Fit Wear

Club Fit Wear creates only one of the clothes which are related to only the GYM, which is the motivation name of the game with Club Fit Wear. It sells a variety of printable GYM wear based on only US users that highly attract the gym-going peoples.

Their products are at a very cheap price but not any lack of their quality. It provides quality products without any shipping charge, and its consumers also like to buy products in bulk because of high quality at affordable prices.

Great George Watches

Their original scope begins with a large number of selections in terms of distressed refinement, dial color, and stripes. The overall condition and dial design are the same throughout, but there is something here for everyone.

They also provide a presentation box, which is the best feature of this brand. You can also ship these types of watches for a small price, which you can repurchase whenever you want. They are very comfortable and perfect to use like pencil boxes, candle holders, etc. as there are also multipurpose watches.


This store is a product online dropshipping store dedicated to selling Neos smart cams within just one and dual packs.

Neos believe that everyone should be able to afford peace of mind. So, smart homes can be built with the help of technology. Therefore, they aim to make it more tolerant and want millions of people to be connected to their homes and love.

They work with innovators and best-in-class producers. Who participate in their mission and preferences to develop high-quality smoothies to use products. They want to build their products, which are great on features but small on cost for users. They provide us with smart technology solutions for businesses around the world.


Palmpress is also one of the best dropshipping stores which are dedicated to only a single product in their dropshipping business.

They provide a unique experience to their users. They sell unique products but some differences in colors and a pair of related items.


One product dropshipping store gives store owners multiple benefits like you can check product quality with tremendous previous experience, serve old customers, again and again, save time in business operations, and a lot more.

In the dropshipping business, marketing plays a vital role to promote your products. Having one product store gives you the advantage to execute your marketing activities with higher efficiency.

I hope you got benefited from the article and are well familiar with how to create a one-product dropshipping store. If you have any questions, please comment down below.

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