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The notebook series from HP brings you a pocket-friendly choice. Budget-friendly taste is applicable worldwide. A student from any part of the world will decide easily and prefer an inexpensive one. However, students and working personnel alike do often decide on a fairly expensive purchase. Especially, if there is a dire need for a certain feature. If you are bound to buy a laptop that is for the sole purpose of minor tasks and studying. The HP series has created this laptop suitable for minimal workload and compatible office work. After all, why would you hassle yourself with other features that might not concern you at that moment? The HP 15-af131dx can be thought of as your immediate usage when requiring daily tasks.

Now, you know that one would decide to spend more only if there are pre-requisites. That being said, we can categorize a few groups.

  • A gaming-specific laptop

 People tend to spend and save up for gaming capabilities in a PC. Gamers understand that graphics strong enough to pull a high-end game is a must. One can dismantle and manually create a harder laptop. However, many opt to directly buy an expensive one with already built-in qualities. Some non-gamers still enjoy an occasional game or two. Many average gamers do not want to spend their savings entirely on an expensive purchase.

Then, some users do not require average to high-end games. There are basic inbuilt games and ones that you can purchase. If you want to stick to minimal gaming, average functioning laptops are a safe buy.

  • Video programs

A lot of professionals and youngsters out there are engaging in quality content. An HD photo and video are always higher rated than lazy content. Sometimes, the content is just not as good perhaps because of the lack of features on the PC. Therefore, you will expect a rising demand for products that possess features and equipment. Consumers are willing to spend more depending on their capability and need. Now, if you are not specifically considering these qualities, a good buy would be an inexpensive laptop. Professional usage such as video and photo editing will open doors to more expensive laptops.

HP 15-af131dx is a comfortable buy without straining your expenses. Let us see the nitty-gritty details of this economical computer device.

What are the internal features?

  • The microprocessor for the laptop is 2.0 GHz AMD Quad-Core with A6-5200 APU.
  • The microprocessor of the notebook cache is 2MB L2.
  • A wireless connection with 1 x 1 802.11b/g/n WLAN is possible in the notebook.
  • The laptop memory is 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM (1 DIMM), which is decent enough for daily tasks.
  • Now, Graphics is not a power grid for HD games, which might be an issue for gamers. It is an AMD Radeon R4 graphics with up to 2048 MB.

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Checking Physical Specifications for HP 15-af131dx 

  • Let us see the laptop’s height, width, and depth. The height comes to 0.96 inches. The width of the notebook is 15. 13 inches. And the depth comes at 10.02 inches. The numbers are pretty average and nothing too big or small.
  • The HP notebook weighs 4. 73 lbs.
  • The pointing device of the notebook is a touchpad that supports multi-touch gestures. The pointing device has no on & off button in it.
  • The notebook has a numeric keypad keyboard that is island-style full-sized.
  • The notebook has dual speakers with DTS Studio Sound.
  • The HP notebook 15-af131dx model has 1 HDMI, a 1 RJ-45(LAN), and also 1 microphone/ headphone-out in combo jack.
  • The laptop has a multi-format digital media card reader. There is 1 SuperSpeed USB 3.0, as well as 2 ports Universal Serial Bus 2.0.
  • For a decent connection, the HP notebook has Ethernet LAN integrated 10/100 BASE-T.
  • The HP device has a Super-Multi DVD burner feature. This can be handy if a DVD burner is a required asset for the user.
  • The laptop possesses a 45W AC adapter. The battery is A 3 cell 31 WHr 2.8 Ah lithium-ion polymer.
  • The notebook has a digital microphone built-in and a VGA camera for recording and skype access.
  • The laptop capacity is 500GB with 5400 RPM, which is an average usage capability.
  • The display of this notebook series is a 15.6-inch diagonal HD Bright-view. With a WLED-backlit display on it.

What draws a customer to it?

You can see that the specifications are quite average and not too poor. That is a smart consideration many consumers can make. Why would you spend so much on qualities and features you may or may not use? HP 15-af131dx notebook series is catering to the audience that needs to do work yet not spend too much.

  • You can perform many tasks that are considered important. If you are a student, open the laptop and start completing your assignments. You can use it for internet browsing for research and projects. The internet connectivity is not compromised. Therefore, you can use it for entertainment, browsing videos, and reading essentials. You can transfer files with USB cables or email them online. If you are office/working personnel, you can use the laptop to type, with the software provided. You can make sheets, bullet points, and wordings, etc. You can easily conduct a presentation with the available labels. Emailing, internet connection, browsing, and work-related features are all present in the notebook. Therefore, you do not have to wonder if the pocket-friendly price provides you the standard you require.
  • Everybody loves good entertainment. Do not be disheartened, because this notebook enables you to watch movies, listen to music and browse the internet comfortably.
  • This is also comparatively a decent traveling-friendly notebook for this price.

What are the disadvantages?

  • You might wonder if the price has anything to do with other features. Well, that is not completely wrong. There are a few lacking features present with the limited budget.
  • The HP 15-af131dx notebook does not have Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth feature is quite essential in this day and age. If this is a huge problem for the consumer, one can always reconsider.
  • The display does not provide you with the best results. The display has low brightness quality which might not be suitable for some.
  • The webcam present on the laptop is not your best kind. However, other external means are available in the market.
  • The speaker of the laptop is downward facing. This might create a drop in the quality of the sound. You have the liberty to opt for headphones or connect to external speakers.

Overall Navigation

The end purchase of the consumer simply depends on the situation. Compromise happens in the price, the quality, and the need. Any technology using consumers will be able to deduce the pros and cons easily from this. If you require a hard-functioning feature-specific laptop, this is not for you. However, if you want to spend less, this is a suited and considerably smart buy. Also, keep in mind that the daily tasks can be accomplished. All in all, an inexpensive, travel-friendly budget buy.

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