You know that all the Online companies, apps, and Softwares are dependent or run on only code. Without code, there is nothing like Software, Games, and apps. So, I mentioned the basics of code and more related to the code. The main point of this article is all about how many lines of code in Google.

I know you are very excited to know about this because, At any time, a question must have come to your mind, and even today, how many lines of codes in Google, how many developers have been involved in coding it, you can find all Answers here. If you want to know well, then read this article till the end, then the answer to all your questions will be found here.

How big is code in Google

Today, software code is all around us. It is rapidly growing in clear spaces like your computer, tablet, and smartphone, and less obvious places like your Refrigerator, and car.

But more importantly, how many lines are coming out of there? While it is impossible to answer that question, Google has recently given us little information about it, providing insight into the vast amount of source code that empowers it for all its products and services.

Rache Potvin, who was the Google Engineering Manager in 2016 said that Google’s whole codebase is exactly 2 billion lines of codes.

Which is a huge collection of code, she explained, spans 9 million sources of files storing 86 terabytes.

To manage all of this, Google created its home-version, its version control system, also called Piper, for which the company has a total of 25,000 developers that make around 15,000 changes per day.

It doesn’t matter how you slice it, or you can’t slice it, because 2 billion lines of code are too many. Fortunately, I am aware of how many lines of codes in Microsoft or Apple companies. Compared to Google, Microsoft has far fewer Microsoft lines, which is about 50 million lines of code. You know that sure the lines of codes are measured only by the professional developers.

Also, the code we are writing here is much less complicated than the code written by expert software engineers. The Apple company’s code range is exceptional, meaning that Apple has fewer than 50,000 lines of code in its iPhone app, which is much shorter lines of code than Microsoft and Google because 2 billion of code for all Google services Line, and more than 25,000 developers who make 15,000 changes per Google.

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I’ve assembled an under-mentioned chart to compare code using commonly available data that emphasizes other well-known pieces of Google software.

First of all, the size of Google’s codebase is dwarfed by all these other applications, some code being very crucial. The whole lines of Google’s code are higher than all
codebases in the combined chart and are more than an order of magnitude.

The scale is too high, so to prevent you from scrolling the carpal tunnel to the bottom of the chart, I’ve just lost a large part. As its left bar represents the lines of code in OS X, just imagine the blue bar on the right 23 times.

Also, some of the codes given here are very old, which you can see. For example, OS X for Lines Of Codes came in 2005, and 10.4 is also known as the Tiger version. But now, there are more than 86 million Lines Of Codes these days that one does not imagine. Similarly, Windows 10 and Windows 2003 and its 50 million lines of codes.

⦁ Piper accesses 2 billions of codes that extend 10 data centers. While the Facebook app extends above 20 million lines of codes, at the same time, Linux extends 15 million lines of code into 40,000 software files that are open-source operating.
⦁ Google stores its codes for its two device operating systems that are Android and Chrome.
⦁ Google stores its codes on its separate version control systems. It has two devices that google stores its codes that are Android and Chrome.
⦁ Piper expands its data around 85 terabytes.
⦁ Google’s 25,000 developers make 45,000 to the changes every day.

Why Google Stores Billions of Lines of Code in a Single Repository

Through a centralized source control system, Many of the Early Google staff decided to work with a shared codebase.

This mindset helped Google for more than 16 years quite and well. And, now most of the google software is continuously stored in a single shared respiratory.

Between this, steadily increased the number of Google Software Developers, and also the rapid growth of the Google codebase. As a result, the technique of codebase hosting has also been considered developed.

Scale of Google

Google’s monolithic software repository, used by software developers around the world, is approximately 95% of OD software developers, the definition of an ultra-large-scale 4 system, providing evidence that a single-source repository model has been successful can be increased.

The Google codebase contains about one billion files, and Google has a full 18-year existence in its history of about 35 million. The repository holds 86TBa of data, with nearly two billion lines of code in nine million unique source files. The total number of files includes such types of files are configuration files, document files, and data support files.

In 2014, Google software developers had changed around 15 million lines of code based on the week to about 250,000 files in the Google repository. The Linux kernel contains about 15 million lines of code in 40,000 files that are a prime example of a large open-source software repository.


In conclusion, I hope you have enjoyed this article and also know how many lines of code are in Google including Microsoft and Apple companies. Once again, I reiterate that Google has a total of 2 billion lines of code that is very high indeed. Similarly, as Microsoft has a total number of 50 million lines of code, which is much less than Google, but other than that, Apple is much less than the two companies of the company, which are less than about 50,000 lines of code. If you have enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends. Thanks for reading!

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