Funny videos are one of the best sources when you are frustrated or annoyed by personal tensions. These funny videos will kick away the tension and pass your spare time effectively. Whether it is to make funny videos or to watch funny videos, everything is available nowadays by keeping your enjoyment in mind. There are a few funny video makers app for android that allows you to watch the best funny videos or to create your own. This Funny video Makers app is designed specifically to entertain you with a collection of videos so that you get a lot of laughter.

Laughing a lot will refresh your mind and enhance your health. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine to stay healthy all the time. Being happy has become very rare especially in this day and age when things are quite pretty tense. Anyways, just leave it and come to the point to know a few best video makers apps which allow you to make or watch a vast collection of funny videos.

JokesFaces Funny Video Maker App

This is a user-friendly and very funny application that allows you to create your own funny videos. You can select a video from different categories and swipe faces in the video with other faces which you wish to. This Funny Video Makers App provides you the golden chance to create without limits. Even you can take a photo or a Selfie of your boss, your cat, and even the celebrity, and make them amusing Joke Faces stars.

You can also create special content in various subjects like anniversary, birthday, love message, baby shower, or wedding proposal as well and you can surprise your loved ones with the amusing and extremely funny creation.

Joke Faces allows you to create signals or group videos and share them on social media sites including YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

There are some great features of Jokefaces

  • A collection of videos and animations that is continuously updated
  • You can take photos and selfies and can also upload them from the photo gallery
  • One can easily save GIFs and videos to the camera roll
  • GIF and mp4 output options
  • Share them on platforms such Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook
  • High-resolution output and you can just start having fun from right now and make all of the messages funny with the Jokefaces.

How does Jokefaces work?

  • Just take a Selfie and have fun

You can add your face or another face that you select to the animation or video and you choose from across the several categories and create your own video

  • Create Talking Effect

You can add talking effect to the faces which you select and create more funny and real content and enhance your fun

  • Make Group Videos

You can easily create group videos by integrating your face and friends’ faces, pet or whoever, family members as you wish and surprise your friends!

  • Amaze Your Beloved Ones

You can create celebration content just by using faces for special days like New Year, Valentine’s Day, or birthdays. You can share them with friends on social media accounts.

Jokefaces: Subscription Plans

Monthly Package: Current subscription price is $14.99/month and the Monthly Package provides a 3 days free trial period, within this period, you easily can cancel at any time without any commitment. Although, Subscriptions automatically will be renewed per month, if you have decided not to cancel your plan and continue to enjoy the premium features. (Prices might vary in other countries and can change anytime without any prior notice).

Free Version: Apart from paid plans, there are free versions as well that allows limited usage

Trial Version: With the free JokeFaces app trial version, you can have unlimited access to all of the features of this app. When the trial period ends then the fee will be charged, and you will be upgraded to the paid version and you can cancel this trial version from the Google Play account anytime while the trial period.

Some most popular Funny Video Maker Apps


TikTok has become one of the most famous applications among the youths. People are widely using this app to share the creativity which they have created and watch videos just for time to pass. TikTok has a wide array of funny videos because people are used to making funny content. This app can keep you engaged for long hours. Once the app opened, it shows some popular videos and you also can swipe up for skipping so that you can watch the next video. Just keep swiping and watch videos and entertain yourself while traveling or getting bored at home.

You also can search for videos if you want and there are billions of creators who are making videos to show their creativity or their talent. If someone also wants to do that then, you can be a creator. Else, you can keep watching videos and there is no need to create an account to watch videos unless you want to like videos or want to comment. It has become one of the best and topmost Funny Video Maker Apps across the world.


Likee is the most famous as well as a similar application for both viewers and creators. The app allows people to make tremendous videos so that they can help with Music Magic filters and the giant filters and therefore there are so many short videos to watch. If you are looking for some funny video apps then, Likee is one of the best apps. You easily can download the Likee app and start watching funny videos including dance or acting and many more. This app also recommends you those videos based on your interest therefore you will always get appropriate entertaining suggestions for video.

Likee also comes with an enchanting video editing tool with various filters and therefore you can make awesome videos and own reputation as a creator.


Instagram also allows people to share short videos and it also suggests more videos that are based on their interest. Therefore, this application is also the best platform when someone is looking for watching funny videos. There are most of the videos that are shared on Instagram are made on Vigo, Likee, or TikTok. This is the reason due to which this app allows people to share their videos on Instagram with just a single click.

You just can use the Explore section of the Instagram application to browse videos and if you don’t want to miss any designer or creator then, you can follow the account. There is no need of elaborating on Instagram I think because everyone nowadays uses this app. This app is used for photo and video sharing by Facebook from where you can get in touch with people, share your videos or photos and you can have conversations and video calls.

Vigo Video

When it comes to Funny Video Maker Apps then, Vigo Video is also a famous short video social network from where you can watch videos online. This is quite a similar application that also allows people to share short videos for up to 15 seconds. People usually use this app to create dance, funny, cookies, art, cooking, comedy, animal videos, and music as well. If someone is looking for the Funny Video Maker Apps then, this Vigo Video app is one of them and one should download it to watch videos. This application also has a huge number of videos for watching and one can keep swiping and watch as well.

Just like Likee and TikTok, Vigo Video is also an app that allows people to create videos by using stickers, editing, and effects tools. The app also integrated with features a real-time smarten camera which creates even more aesthetic videos. Therefore, you cannot just watch, but create and showcase your talent.


4Fun is quite an interesting application when the question is to find Funny Video Maker Apps. This app creates funny videos, therefore; you have a huge number of funny videos to watch on this platform. This app is also compatible with all Android devices and if offers a video editor and it has become easy to share videos. Therefore, you cannot watch videos but also can share your videos and become famous among the viewers.

There is no need of paying anything for watching videos and the most interesting this is that you can share your videos to get fame and name among the viewers. You can easily watch videos for free and it is also easy to download funny videos and can share on social media platforms such as Instagram or Whatsapp. The app also allows you to watch videos from the people nearby or you have a stranger chat. This app also allows you to watch videos from the people who live near you or have a chat with strangers. This Funny Video Maker Apps also claims to provide more than a million videos to download and to watch.

Just choose any one of them and add fun to your daily life by creating amusing and funny moments with your family and friends. These Funny Video Maker Apps has various filter and has intersection effects to touch up your creative video. These modern apps are easy to use.

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