Are you looking for post which site help you to YO WhatsApp Apk Download latest version. Then this post will be most effective for you, so keep reading and be patient till the end. You will be surprised to know that here you get the latest version on Android device. So download and install the YoWhatsapp update version by reading this post. Moreover, at present, WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular modes.

However, if you want to personalize your WhatsApp? However yo whatsapp apk is a mode best because it allows you to do it. Before we go into more detail, you should check out the other modes in SX projects.

What is YO WhatsApp apk?

You should first know about this app and then you should proceed with the Yo WhatsApp apk download process. YoWhatsapp apk lets you personalize all your conversations, even setting a unique backdrop for each of your friends and changing the font size (is it interesting that).

You’ll be amazed at how many more emoticons, full size pictures and videos you can send. Not only this, with the help of this you can send more than 700 pictures at once. Lastly, the YO WhatsApp apk lets you hide your contact records and that’s my favorite reason.

Note: If you think that using a modified version of WhatsApp may ban the original app, you are mistaken. Because in this post I am sharing anti-ban apk download link. Interestingly, you will be able to download Yo WhatsApp APK to your device very easily and without restrictions.

Also without the added features Yo WhatsApp is just like the original WhatsApp. At the same time this app allows you to make calls, send messages, voice messages, pictures, videos like the original WhatsApp. Would you be surprised to know that it allows you to do everything else with WhatsApp?

Features of YoWhatsApp APK

YO WhatsApp Apk Download

Interestingly, you will find many features here that are not in the original WhatsApp app. I will present those features line by line below. So here are the features.

The YO WhatsApp apk gives you hundreds of language options. This means that you can communicate in your own language as well as in different languages. Allows you to choose the language of your choice. For example, in the app you will find the new Azerbaijani language.

Allows you to block calls to any contact or unsaved number. Unfortunately you won’t find the call block option in the original Yo WhatsApp APK. Only these functions give you more control and privacy. Allows you to set an image in the background of this APK. Interestingly, these are your wallpapers. Helps your communication become more visually satisfying.

The YO WhatsApp apk supports white navigation for Android 8.0. Similarly the theme library on Yo WhatsApp will get new designs and themes. Also lets you choose from thousands of layouts and colors.

Allows you to automatically save themes and create a file. Interestingly, these allow you to easily transfer themes to other devices Allows you to change the color of your group member’s name. Interestingly, these are a great function and it is aesthetically appealing.

YO WhatsApp Apk download

Your call FAB will be added to your call screen. On the other hand, the original WhatsApp app lacks this function.
Allows you to choose the color of the ticks, interestingly, they bring a new communication experience.
The Yo WhatsApp app has added cool bubbles.
Lets you hide your online status. Interestingly, these give you more privacy and control when communicating (is it interesting that).

To send you ten pictures in your contacts at once The original WhatsApp app only allowed four images.
File sharing is amazingly effective because here you will be able to send a file of 700 MB with a single message.
Allows you to hide the blue tick and even allows you to change the tick style and bubble style
You will find a blue color of the default interface here.
Allows you to send HQ images by pressing the camera button long enough.
You can set your name on this APK alnj app screen.
Allows you to pin over 1000 chats.
It also allows you to use a fingerprint lock to hide chats
A call privacy feature has been added to the YO WhatsApp apk. Allows you to select who you can call
Allows you to change the font style of the name and status
The YO WhatsApp apk has a group message counter.
Allows you to interact with online toast.
Lets you choose from hundreds of emojis from the library.
Allows you to set privacy for groups and chats.
Each status of Yo WhatsApp is 250 words.
Allows you to zoom in profile picture.
Allows you to change the app icon
You can fix previous bugs in the new version.

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New features of yo whatsapp new version

Custom theme
Check who can call you
Hide the blue tick
Animated emoji and more stickers
Dark theme
Download the story
See Hide story
Anti-delete properties

Note: You can download Yo WhatsApp on your Android device. You can use it on your Android devices like YoWhatsapp for Xiaomi, YoWhatsapp for Mi, YoWhatsapp for Samsung, YoWhatsapp for Oppo, YoWhatsapp for Vivo, and YoWhatsapp for Realme. You can That means the main devices are Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Realme, etc., and they support YoWhatsApp APK.

Requirements to install Yo WhatsApp APK

The requirements for the app are mentioned below,

First of all you must have an Android phone.

Before installing YoWhatsApp APK you must uninstall the official WhatsApp.
You must have internet connection on the device.
To understand the steps you need to follow the method I have shown.

How to download and install Yo WhatsApp Apk 2022?

Hope you read all the features above. To download the Yo WhatsApp apk, you need to tap the download button below (this will take you to my download page). And from there the app will start downloading.

YoWhatsAPP apk Information

File Name Yo Whatsapp APK
File Size 35.36 MB
Requairment 4.0 Android
Cost freeware
Last Update 1 day ago

YO WhatsApp Apk download

Let us know the process again, you need to go to the latest version of Yo WhatsApp Apk directly by clicking on the download link.
Then click Final Bar to download the YoWA apk file from there.
Now wait until the download is complete. Once the download is complete. Then follow the steps shown below to install,

First, open the app and enter the mobile number there.
And verify the mobile number with OTP there.
In this case, if you want to restore the old chat, you need to use the recovery button. On the other hand, if you do not need to go directly to the main screen.
If the above steps are completed correctly then you have Yo WhatsApp installed. Start messaging.

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YO WhatsApp Apk secure?

YO WhatsApp Apk Download

It is good to know that first, millions of people have already hung up on Yo WhatsApp. At the same time, it has taken some time to update the Yo WhatsApp app, and there have been a number of bugs and crashes. The funny thing is that since the last update of the app, it has been completely free of viruses and glitches (isn’t great news). So now there is no production problem. In a word, Yo WhatsApp is completely safe and secure. Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about malware or adware.

YO WhatsApp Apk download

Why Yo WhatsApp APK is not being installed

Many people do not install the YO WhatsApp app, interestingly, there are many reasons behind this. Notable reason is that his phone is very old and the latest version is not supported on his device. If you have that problem with your phone then don’t worry because there is a solution to this problem. And in this case, you need to enable unknown source settings on your device Then try to reinstall your app. If you find that it still does not work, then follow the following solution guide,

At first glance, the version of the app is very old, but it needs to be updated. Another interesting thing here is that the latest version of the app is published once a week. However, if your phone is too old for the latest version, you need to update it. Visit our website regularly for updates. There are also various ways to update, such as visiting the App Store and searching Yo WhatsApp. This means that once you find it, you should immediately download and install the apk.

Finally, this is when his phone gets old with the latest version of Android software. On the other hand, if you use an older version of Android, YO is not compatible with WhatsApp. Well, no need to worry. Because if you follow the above solution process will be done.

Note: Always try to make sure your app is up to date and your phone is working properly. Another last resort is to install the app manually.


Hope you got a complete idea about Yo WhatsApp. If so, you must acknowledge that this mode allows you to enjoy incredible additional features along with the basic and useful features of WhatsApp. I personally recommend that if you haven’t used Yo WhatsApp yet, I suggest you start using the app now to enjoy user features. Because in it I noticed a more exciting display and chat presence than the original.

Finally, you can download the Yo WhatsApp APK now for a fun messaging experience.

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