Are you looking for the best free themes for Shopify store? A beautifully designed dropshipping store represents your brand and your business at the same time. And in the dropshipping business, you’ve already invested some money, right? Now you don’t want to invest money in those things which are available for free.

In this article, we are going to give you a list of the best free themes for the Shopify store. You will not only save your money but also your store will be beautifully designed and responsive.

These free Shopify responsive themes are easy to set up and edit. So, don’t worry at all to set up these free Shopify themes.

Let’s move further to know more.

Best Free Themes for Shopify Store- One Product

If you want to start a single product online store on Shopify and are looking for the best free themes for the Shopify store, then you are in the right place.

Do you know how many free themes does Shopify has? Shopify has a variety of themes, where some are free and some premium. It introduces almost ten free themes in starting.

You know that Shopify is an excellent platform for online stores because it is so easy to use, and it offers a lot of great features for their merchants and they have a third-party app that allows more products to be imported to your store helps to sell.

Even this single product provides very high quality and great themes for your store, which helps you to set up your online store fast with little effort. Altogether we have mentioned the list of 5 best themes for your single product store.

Brooklyn Theme

Brooklyn is one of the best themes for your online Shopify store. This theme is easy to use that has a modern and responsive design that looks very attractive on mobile phones.

It is designed with a header slideshow to display your products from different angles as it supports slide-out carts. It also allows you to add your product review as a video on the home page. These are the themes that are fully responsive and fully SEO optimized.

Debut Theme

Debut Theme is also one of the best themes for your Shopify store, which is very simple, incredibly clean, and looks very attractive. Moreover, users can understand the products, descriptions you mentioned.

Furthermore, you can easily display your products from many different angles as it supports slideshow. You can easily customize your colors and fonts in your online store, which gives an attractive look to your store.

Narrative Theme

The Narrative is a free Shopify theme, formally approved by Shopify. A brand-driven design with a focus on telling a story about your product. This beautiful theme has created to support the small catalog and stores with a single product.

Boundless Theme

The Boundless theme is also an attractive theme for your online store, and it is additionally one of the widely used Shopify themes. This theme is designed as a single product online store, which is decent for your store. It is a fully SEO optimized theme and is also optimized for large images.

This theme looks pretty attractive on mobile phones as well.

Best Shopify pet Themes

If you are looking for Shopify store themes for pets, then you must read this piece of information. We have introduced you to the top 5 best pet themes for your Shopify store. That is very attractive, responsive, and with 100% SEO optimized.


Mira is one of the best themes for your pet Shopify store. It is the best theme for the Shopify store and a perfect fit for fashion, cosmetics, and pet stores.

This theme comes with more than five unique designs, which also look very attractive and beautiful. It is a lately launched with Drag and Drops sectioned Shopify theme, which has been designed to handle many Shopify section powerfulness.

Some Great Features:

⦁ You can select one of the 5 homepages according to your requirements.
⦁ Mira theme is compatible with any device to make sure this theme looks beautiful.
⦁ It has been designed with Drag and Drops feature.


It is the best and perfect pet theme for your Shopify store, which is fully responsive that looks attractive on mobile phones. It offers a variety of color customs for your shop that you can choose from one of the best colors for your website.

You can add more menus to your shop for your mega menu feature. It also provides several styles of homepages. It is designed with a header slideshow that can display your products from many angles. Apart from this, they provide a lot of great features that are really very useful for your store and also increase the scope of your websites, such as product carousel, customer review options, and newspapers. This theme is fully SEO optimized.

Some Great Features:

⦁ Kate is a fully responsive theme
⦁ The theme provides a lot of color customs
⦁ Also the customer Reviews Feature
⦁ This theme is fully SEO Optimized Theme.
⦁ It has product Image Zoom Feature
⦁ Also, easy to create a Newsletter pop-up to collect more Emails

Best free themes for Shopify in other categories

You want to make your Shopify store more attractive, and when you start building it, then you have to think about the theme first.

If you want consumers, your website needs to be accessible and intuitive to use, which helps your Shopify store get more traffic.

If you want to create an attractive and beautiful Shopify store, then you should choose the best themes instead of going for which doesn’t look premium. In starting, you do not need a premium theme for your successful Shopify store. You can choose the best free themes for the Shopify store, which is also very attractive.

So, here are the 10 best themes for Shopify:

1. Thalia Theme

2. Debut Theme

3. Boundless Theme

4. Venture Theme

5. Voonex Theme

6. Annabelle Theme

7. Narrative Theme

8. Simple Theme

9. Supply Theme

10. Fashe Theme


How many free themes does Shopify have? There are tons of themes available in the Shopify store, a few of them are free, and the rest are paid. A paid Shopify theme will cost you around $100-$299.

But if you’re getting started, then this is a good idea to pick free one in starting and eventually move to the paid ones.

Free Shopify themes have some limitations, but for beginners, it is more than enough.

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