Living Species Must Demonstrate All of The Characteristics Listed Below Except Which One? – If you are imposing these 4 characteristics on a living thing such as:

  1. growth and development during its lifetime
  2. the ability to respond to changes in its environment
  3. movement
  4. the ability to reproduce

& looking for the characteristics that don’t match with the living thing, it must be the “movement” for sure. But how?

Before you get the explanation, you need to understand what living things are & what are their characteristics. So for a better understanding, here we start.

Living Species Things & Their Characteristics :

Have you ever noticed that it is tough to distinguish between living things & non-living things? For instance: a mouse can move, so can a car, a cell comes with a structure, so does a crystal, a tree can grow bigger so can a cloud. You can even take a doll duck, for instance. It can float, it has structure, it can make a sound like a real duck, but still, it’s not alive as it can’t breathe, can’t reproduce, can’t grow or respond to the environment.

Biology studies about the living things & what it has found is that living things have the most precious object which distinguishes them from the non-living things & that is “life”. But how to define this life? It is said that living things that have life shares some common characteristics, such as they

  • respond to their environment
  • grow and change
  • reproduce and have offspring
  • pass their traits onto their offspring
  • have complex chemistry
  • maintain homeostasis
  • are built of structures called cells

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Respond To Their Environment:

Every living thing responds to its environment. If you step on a stone, it won’t try to move, but it will try to move if you step on a tortoise. Living things can feel the change happening around them & respond according to that change. They start to adapt to their current environment.

Grow And Change:

Every living thing grows & changes. A seed may look like a stone at first, but later, when it gets the proper care, it turns into a sprout & then finally becomes a tree. This way, all the living things grow & change.

Reproduce And Have Offspring:

All living things should have the ability to reproduce & have offspring. Every living thing can produce more living things like themselves. Whether it is a mouse or a plant, or a bacteria, all can make the same like them. Without reproduction, the species won’t exist. Through reproduction, living things bring their next generation. This way, they bring their offspring to the world.

Pass Their Traits Onto Their Offspring:

Living things usually produce & create offspring & later on, they pass their traits on to their offspring; this process is called “heredity”. By sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction, the offspring cells or living things gain their parents’ genetic information. This is an essential characteristic of living things.

Complex Chemistry:

Every living thing has complex chemistry. A plant has a structure, so has a diamond. But if you notice from a bit closer, then you won’t find any changes. But a plant changes every moment. It produces its own food, sends it to its every part, grows big and goes through many more biochemical reactions, which are essential to staying alive. These all chemical reactions in a cell are called metabolism.

Maintain Homeostasis:

Living things maintain their body temperature. The average temperature of the human body is 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When you step into the icy weather, you don’t freeze. You start shivering & the movement creates heat in your body. Food also produces heat in your body. No matter what temperature is outside, living things hold a specific temperature in their body. This is called Homeostasis.

Built Of  Structures Called Cells:

All living beings are made of cells. These cells made a structure in a systematic way & these cells actually move. Thus we see all living beings in a specific structure. Cells together create tissue, which forms organs; these organs work together to create a living thing. This way, all living things are built.

The thing carrying these all characteristics is supposed to think as a living thing. Now, if you check all the factors above, 3 of them are present in the list except the one & that is “movement”.

Movement is not a necessary factor for a living thing. If you see the plants, you won’t find them moving. They are still alive without moving.

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