Best Cloud Hosting Providers with 1 Year Free Trial: Cloud Hosting enables multiple users to host their respective services, data, and applications on the computing capacity of an infrastructure or a data center, together at a given time.

The facilities are provided on demand at a price. Cloud Hosting services can benefit businesses with large storage and high service requirements. It is a cost-effective and secure web hosting solution for medium and small businesses. Cloud Hosting has emerged as one of the most trusted and popular Web hosting solutions in the recent past.

With giants of the Web world at play,  Cloud Hosting can safely be termed as the most secure and cost-effective web hosting solution.

The concept of Cloud Hosting services had been exclusive until the recent past and demands long-term commitments. Thus, the most trusted names in the business offer a boat of perks along with free trials. Here are the best amongst them.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft offers one of the most attractive 12 months of free trial plans with $200 credit for the first month. In addition to the basic products, the offer includes free access to 25 products, that comes at a price after the expiry of the trial period.

Microsoft Azure offers 750 hours of B1S General Purpose virtual machines for MS Windows server, ample storage for backup and computing, with a wide range of features for free and affective computing. With a wide array of features, large storage, and efficient tech support team, Microsoft Azure is well worth a try.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is offering a 12 month trial period where one can get hands-on experience and use all the features of the cloud hosting platform.

The user on signing up gets a credit of $300, which is used while purchasing various quotas. The user can use up to 8 CPUs at a given time on one VM and has access to all the features of the Platform.

The usage of storage, computing, etc. are billed as standard and is deducted from the credit. The free trial expires in 12 months or when the credit is over. The sign-up requires one to provide Credit Card details for verification and is not charged.

One is free to opt out of the platform on the expiry of the free trial and is under no obligation.

Amazon AWS

The biggest e-retail company is offering one of the most efficient, secure, and user-friendly cloud Hosting solutions. Also with a free trial period of 12 months. The user can avail of the Amazon Web Services Basic Support features.

Also with access to support forums and 24/7 technical support throughout the year. The trial package offers a free content management system to create your own website and free storage for backup and computing with a management console.

It provides a free managed relational and NoSQL database with a virtual machine with a memory of 1GiB. With free 750 hours of Linux and Windows testing of Apps written in PHP, Docker, Ruby, .NET, Node.js, or Java it offers the best testing environment for Apps. Cloud Hosting Platforms are changing the way businesses function and are definitely here to stay.

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