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How to Make a Throwaway Reddit Account Lets See

How to make a throwaway Reddit account – Reddit is a community where people come to build networks based on similar interests and if you want to be part of this online community, then you need to create a Reddit account.

But if you want to be on Reddit without disclosing your identity, then you’ll have to create a throwaway Reddit account.

If you want to know about Reddit and how to make a throwaway Reddit account then you should read this blog carefully because I am going to give all the information about Reddit in this article with a clear and crisp explanation, so let’s get started.

Let me tell you about the specialty of Reddit, that Reddit is the only platform in which if you make your Reddit account, you win more professionally. It means only the best people will know about you. And it is a special feature that I will tell you about in detail.

If you are thinking, whom should you hack into this account? How you can engage in a community without revealing your identity? Therefore I am going to give you all the information about it.

What are throwaway on Reddit?

A throwaway account is a temporary account used for a specific purpose. It’s not your main Reddit account, it’s different than a regular Reddit account which makes your account not get identified it’s you.

On Reddit, every post and comment you leave is tied to your user account that’s usually, but what if you want to post anonymously, then you need to create a throwaway account to hide your identity.

You can create multiple Reddit accounts for free and the most interesting things, if you want, you can run a throwaway and regular account at once. How can you do that? Here are the steps:

Just open the private browsing (incognito) window, launch a different browser, or use another browser profile. And use your multiple accounts at one

How to Create a Throwaway Account on Reddit

So let me tell you how to create a throwaway account on Reddit. And while creating an account, which things you have to be taken care of. I am going to tell you all these things very well, so please pay special attention to them.

First of all, you have to open the Reddit application on your Android or your laptop, after opening it, you will get the signup application option. If you’re already in your account, you’ll have to sign out first.

When you click on the Sign Up button, a popup will appear.

This guide is for how to make a throwaway Reddit account, so don’t enter your email ID over here and click on the Continue button. After that, the next prompt will open.  

Now, you will have to enter your username and password (enter the unique username that doesn’t match with your current username on other accounts).

After entering the details, you have to click on the Sign-Up. You can sign up by ticking ‘I’m Not Robot’. You can verify an image after signing up, after hit the button ‘Sign Up’.

And now you’re done! Your throwaway account will be created on Reddit successfully.

Once the account is created, you can choose a community that remains already in it (community means that you have to use Reddit in the key areas).

If you want to create your own community, then you can create it as well. So after choosing the community, you have to click on the Finish button, this will give you a good content feed.

After doing all the previous steps, you will see a profile and see the karma points next to the profile. The more karma points you have, the better it will be for you. When your posts or comments get upvoted, you gain some karma.

Has as many karma points increase the limit of posting on Reddit. After that, you can post any image or text from your ID and also any video and link. And in this, you will find five options below your profile.

  1. Best
  2. Hot
  3. New
  4. Top
  5. Today
If you want to see the best post, then after clicking on the best, you will see the best post on Reddit.

And if you want to see the hot post, then you have to click on the option of hot, after that the hot post on Reddit will start to appear.

After that, if you want to see the new post, then you can see the new post on Reddit by clicking on the new post option.

If you want to see the top post posted on Reddit, then you can see the top post posted on Reddit by clicking on the top option.

And in this, you will see the option of comment, from which you can comment on any post, and in it, you will also get the option of giving an Award, which is for premium users.

There will also be an option of share so that you can send any post anywhere. You will also get the option to report as if you feel a post is wrong, then you can take action on it.

If you like any post, then you can play it, for this you will get the option of sub word and done word next to that post, then you can extend it further by upgrading that post.

How to use Reddit

Now the thing is how to use Reddit? Then let me tell you how to use it. It is easy to use platform.

When you create an account on Reddit, you will see a lot of pages under your profile, which will be in the form of text and images, videos, and links. It will have information about the very subject, dedicated niche-based communities, and specific topics written in it.

After this, you have to decide either we should take information about it or not. You have to choose 7 to 8 communities and do it to your account. After doing these steps, whatever posts you see will be in your feed according to the community you have chosen.

If you want to comment on that post, you can also comment here and the post which has more comments, and shares will be equally popular on this platform.

Should You Delete Posts and Comments?

If you want to delete some posts on Reddit, then it depends on you how safe you keep the Reddit Account. If you have given some such posts on your Reddit, which are useless, then you can delete such posts or comments.

By doing this, most of the time you will get benefits even if you feel that something has not given good comments, then this thing will be very good for you.

Somehow if you are thinking that your account will get deleted, but before that, you have a chance to delete all your posts, which may violate Reddit rules.

Automatic Reddit will not delete your posts, rather it cannot be known from that post that has been posted at an angle, and it will not affect you anymore.

Should You Add an Email Address?

When you create your Reddit account, you can create it with or without an email address. If you want to create a throwaway Reddit account you don’t need to enter your email.

When you enter the email address, it is beneficial when you forget your password, you can reset your password with the help of an email address.

This saves your account, if you have forgotten to enter your email while creating your account, you can add an email later. It is very beneficial, it will also let you know that there are any comments or share on your post. Having an email in your account will make you always get notifications.



Can you make multiple Reddit accounts with the same email?

Yes you can create multiple accounts with the same email address. On the other hand, it is also a secure platform. This is such a platform that any unheard post is removed every 48 to 50 hours. On this platform there are people who keep posting wasteful posts, so Reddit delete those posts without notifying before.

Can you have 2 Reddit accounts?

You can create your 2 Reddit accounts, but it is no use. Because you will not be using it for vote manipulation or ban evasion.

If you are thinking that if you create two accounts on a reddit, then you are thinking this wrong, because if you create two or three accounts on a reddit, then the reddit will close your account, which will harm you.

So, it would be better you creating 2 accounts on Reddit unless you have any special requirements.

How do you delete your Reddit account?

If you delete the Reddit account, then you cannot open the same account again as Reddit deletes that account all day but your post will be available on Reddit. If you want to delete the comment made in your post, then it will not be there either. You can delete comments only if you do not delete your account, so you can tamper with the post or comment made by you as long as you keep the Reddit account safe otherwise.


If you are thinking of creating a throwaway reddit account, now you’re all set to create one. In this blog post, I have given a lot of information about creating a throwaway reddit account.

And if you want to know the whole story short, then you can read it at the top of this post.

In this article, I have also told you how to use Reddit, it is very important for you to select the community to use Reddit, because you will see the posts according to the community.

If you do not select the community, then you will see such posts which will not be necessary for you, for this, it is very important to select the community, after that, you will see the same posts which are related to those communities and will found very important for you.

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